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Which characters will be featured on the Xiao banner in Genshin Impact?

Xiao Banner Characters Revealed

Xiao will be the title character for the new Xiao banner in Genshin Impact when the 1.3 update comes out on Feb. 3. A lot of people are curious what characters and items will be joining the banner, especially what four-star choices there will be. Rolls on banner characters are hands-down the best way to use your Primogems in the game, so it helps to know what’s coming to predict if you want to roll or not.

When you’re trying to figure the banner roster out there are some things to keep in mind. There are a few static rules that MiHoYo uses for banners, those are:

  • Banner characters cannot include the starting characters: Amber, Keaya or Lisa
  • Banner characters cannot be of the same base element
  • A character cannot appear as a banner two patches in a row

The obvious excitement over Xiao for patch 1.3 is easy to see, but there are other options. Those choices seem to be Beidou, Razor, Xinyan, Barbara, Ningguang, Diona, and Chongyun.

Barbara is an option as a very popular healer. Ningguang shares Ascension materials with the title 5-star, so it’s a strong bet they will be featured together. There’s a lot of hope for Beidou and Diona to get in as well, although their fates are harder to predict. Barbara has not shown up in the last few banners, leading some fans to hope for her inclusion.

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None of the aforementioned 4-star characters are totally confirmed for the Xiao banner in Genshin Impact yet, so it’s all up in the air.

A lot of fans were disappointed to hear that certain other characters would not be making the cut. There’s currently some hype spreading about Hu Tao taking the place of another character when 1.3 releases, although this is unconfirmed. The fiery fighter is a favorite among fans of her temperament and design. One leaker even bets on the character being added.

Whatever happens on February 3, the Conqueror of Demons is about to get some new pals.

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