Where To Use The War Owl Whistle In Divinity 2

Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 has many different quests to complete. There are hundreds of side quests to do, and some of them have kind of confusing objectives. Sometimes you get given random items with no clear indication of how to use them. This is the case with a later quest in the game, “Dark Dealings in the Blackpits”. This involves a special item called the War Owl Whistle. Here’s what you need to do to use the War Owl Whistle In Divinity 2.

How to complete the Dark Dealings in the Blackpits

This quest has many different steps to it.

  1. Visit Paladin Thom and ask about the quest
  2. Investigate the Blackpits region
  3. Encounter a White Magister, Jonathan (optional).
  4. Enter the Docks
  5. Save the Black Ring prisoners from being executed by the Magisters (optional).
  6. Find evidence of what the White Magisters have done
  7. Summon a War Owl
  8. Help the Paladins survive the ambush.

Divinity Original Sin 2 wants you to head out and take on the Magisters, and a few other evil factions. During “Dark Dealings in the Blackpits” you will have to help Paladins hunt down various nefarious foes.

Travel to the Blackpits and past the wooden structure where the “On the Ropes” quest is located. Approach the harbor, and you will see 2 shriekers. These need to be taken out first. You will need to use one of a few techniques to get rid of them. You can either use the purge wand on them, or use the Source Vampirism spell to push them out. Once they’re gone, go past the Shriekers and inside the building, you will see the Magisters and the three Black Ring members.

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Now you need to rescue the Black Ring prisoners, once again, you have a few options. The best way to approach is to take out the Magisters by ambush. Teleport behind them and take the two Magisters out fast. The level 16 enemies here can be pretty tough.

Search the area to learn what they were up to. Now is the time you need to use the War Owl Whistle to summon a messenger to the Paladins. Use the War Owl Whistle to send a message to Paladin Thom.

Alternatively, you can use Spirit Vision and talk to the Black Ring members. The dialogue will also make it possible for you to inform the Paladins via the War Owl Whistle.

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