Where to get Sunsettia in Genshin Impact

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Sunsettia in Genshin Impact is an item that you can craft as part of the ongoing Miraculous Marvels event in the RPG. When eaten, a Subsettia will restore 300 HP to the character who consumes it. The purpose of the items is for the ongoing events in the game. Part of this event involves making Jam, so we’ll talk you through that as well.

Sunsettia is found in various areas all over the game, as it’s common across both Mondstadt and Liyue. It grows on trees and can be found all over the place. You just have to look for it. Head to Dadaupa Gorge near Cape Falcon in Mondstadt, that’s the best place to find the stuff. You will spawn at the teleporter nearby to the road, head toward the shore. The best places to find Sunsettia in Genshin Impact appear to be around the area immediately south of the gazebo that sits between the shore and the road.

Checking the three trees in this area, you can quickly gather 12 Sunsettia in a jiffy.

How to make Sunsettia Jam

Jam is used in the Mondstadt Hash Brown and Puppy-Paw Hash Brown recipes. To make the Jam, head to any cooking fire or kitchen in the game with the following ingredients:

  • 3 Sunsettia
  • 2 Berry
  • 1 Sugar
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