Where to get Soul Fragments in Sea of Thieves

Where to get Soul Fragments in Sea of Thieves

The Order of Souls in Sea of Thieves is one of the main spooky factions in the game. These factions have tons of tasks for you to do, and some of them can be quite rewarding. Although getting that reward won’t be easy as there’s tons of danger out on the dark waters. If you want to get your hands on the Curses and other special bonuses from the Order of Souls, you’re going to need to do a few things. One of these—aside from grinding out a mountain of reputation with the faction—is to gather as many Soul Fragments in Sea of Thieves as you can get.

You will encounter a lot of these on your various Voyages for the Order of Souls. But the trouble is, you won’t get Soul Fragments in Sea of Thieves from just any old bag of bones. You need to target some very specific sources to get lots of them. The Lost Voyages added during the Season One Trials and Plunder Pass are your targets here. To recap, here are the boss encounters that reward Soul Fragments:

  • Ghost Ship (Flameheart/Ghost Ship Voyage) – 2 Soul Fragments
  • Skeleton Captain (Bounty Voyage) – 10 Soul Fragments
  • Shen Guardian/Ashen Key Master – 25 Soul Fragments
  • Skeleton Lord  – 50 Soul Fragments
  • Ashen Lord – 50 Soul Fragments
  • The Burning Blade (Flameheart) – 50 Soul Fragments
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That said, there are some ways to maximize this process. The best method if you have a good crew is farming the 50 fragments for destroying the Burning Blade. You will not have an easy fight though, so be careful and come loaded for bear. So why would you want to do this? It’s because Rare is about to add a new challenge to the game, encouraging players to farm for Soul Fragments.

You will have a special commendation, as well as four unique weapons, that can be earned by farming for 500 of the things. Expect this to be a very tough ask, as it’s a limited-time challenge running only from February 4 to February 8. So if you haven’t begun preparing, you better do it now.

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