Where to get Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise

Get Monster Keenbone in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise is one of many different monster parts in the new Switch game. This item is used in various Low-Rank and High-Rank sets, depending on which set you’re going for. Monster Broth is an item that comes from High-Rank hunts, so you need to start there. Here’s the best place to get Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise.

Volvidon is the best source for this drop. It’s back in this game and meaner than ever. Volvidon is a Fanged Beast introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. In this version, you will find the monster in the Sandy Plains or Lava Caverns areas of the map. It can patrol around these areas, so bring the best ways to counter it ahead of time, as it can be a big threat to unprepared hunters. You will want to focus farm any quests that specifically target Volvidon. There’s a much better chance to get the Broth as a reward for these quests. Generic drops are a bit lower if you take out Volvidon in a non-targeted hunt.

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Bnahabra is another source as well, and it’s more common to find this drop. The Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, Lava Caverns and Flooded Forest all have a chance to spawn these monsters during a hunt. The drop rate appears to be a bit lower for Monster Broth from this monster, but comparable to sources from other foes.

Other items can be found, along with this one, via the Meoqcenaries. The likes of Big Fin can sometimes be dropped from certain routes. You get very random drops though, so there’s no guarantee to get monster parts. The Meowcenaries might be a good option to do this if you’re stuck hunting other drops.

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