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Where to Find Warm Platecaps in New World

New World

There are many kinds of crafting items and raw resources in New World, Amazon’s new MMO is rife with stuff to find. Warm Platecaps in New World are one of these many items. If you want a fast way to find any resource, use the New World map that the community has put together. For those who want to know without having to fiddle with it. But, if you want to get going, keep reading.

The orange mushrooms are pretty distinctive, and stand out among the grasses and bushes. They’re also very easy to gather. You can get them without any necessary skills. Getting various mushroom materials, like Fins and Fungal Slime, is great with these nodes. To make the most out of your harvesting runs, make sure to take time to increase your weight capacity beforehand. This is a huge help to carrying more loot, and is well worth the investment in gold and time. Having better bags in this MMO is very important.

What Can You Harvest From Warm Platecaps?

There are many teirs of material you can get as drops from these nodes. The teir of the drop is mostly dependant on what tier the node is. You can gain the following materials when harvesting Warm Platecaps:

  • Glowing Mushroom Cap:  A Tier 2 common resource. Used as Tier 2 Medicinal Reagent
  • Mushroom: A Tier 1 Very common resource. Raw Consumable.
  • Platecap Flesh: A Tier 2 common resource. Used as a Fire Reagent and Tier 2 Medicinal Reagent
  • Mushroom Fins: A Tier 3 uncommon resource. Used as Tier 3 Magical Reagent.
  • Toadstool Fringe: A Tier 3 uncommon resource.Used as Tier 3 Protective Reagent
  • Fungal Spores: A Tier 3 uncommon resource. Used as Fungal Spores and Tier 3 Protective Reagent.
  • Fungal Slime: A Tier 3 uncommon resource. Used as Tier 3 Offensive Reagent.
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Now that you know what you can gather, let’s talk about where you can find Warm Platecaps in New World. The nodes are fixed, and only really found in one region—Monarch’s Bluffs. There are just shy of 100 different nodes all over the region for this resource.

If you use the map below, starting in the main town in this region is pretty good. Head along the northern path, and keep following it towards Windsward and the main fort in that region. It’s a pretty straight shot, and there are multiple fungal nodes along the way. Running this route and fast traveling back and forth is great for getting plenty of mushrooms.

If you’re coming from Everfall, you can go from Achernar Gate, Monarch’s Bluffs northern Spirit Shrine, and follow the road to Dreadscythe Shrine as well. This run also has a bunch of nodes for mushroom drops.

There are also some ways to help speed this process up. You get a passive skill that decreases your harvest time by 10% if you have an intelligence level of 50. This is great or any and all gathering. It’s also a good idea to invest in items with Perks that boost luck to get better drops.

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