Where to Find the Twisted Spoon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Is Pokémon Scarlet and Violet an open world game?

The Twisted Spoon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a reference that’s been around the franchise for a while. Gen 1 Psychic evolution Alakazam has two of these, being a direct reference to sham psychics that have been popular over the years. It used to be a pretty big gimmick to be able to psychically bend spoons, and it has become somewhat of a joke at this point. And since this franchise loves targeted boosts, the Twisted Spoon was introduced in the Pokemon series as a held item that benefits Psychic moves users such as Gardevoir or Alakazam.

Psychic, or pretty much any move type, can benefit from targeted boosts. Psychic is an incredibly effective counter to Fighting-type Pokemon, which will be helpful against certain Team Star encounters for one thing. But there’s also that damage bonus against Bug types that will be helpful as well. They may also prove incredibly effective with any Fighting or Poison type that might appear in future Tera Raids down the road. For the Trainers that want to prepare ahead of time, here’s where to get your own psychic spoon.

Where to Find the Twisted Spoon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The most easily accessible place to grab one is fairly easy to find. The Twisted Spoon can be bought at the Delibird Presents stores in Levincia for 3000 Poke Dollars, Since it’s just a vendor item, you can buy multiple, using either Cash or LP. That makes it very useful to give a quick powerup to your multiple Psychic types.

Gardevoir, and Gallade are good options for Psychic-focused mons that will benefit from this item. Another option is to boost specific moves of non-Psychich Pokemon. Jigglypuff is one such option for this approach.

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There are many more items and accessories you can find throughout the game. Since you’re going to be making a ton of sandwiches, there’s a mountain of ingredients to give you stat boosts.

Players will also have to take on various powerful Pokemon bosses throughout the game’s story, such as the Open Sky Titan. Beating these bosses will unlock new items as well. But if you’re not a fan of weird psychic spoons, there’s a lot of other stuff to be found.

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