Where to find the Black and White Dye Merchants in Ghost of Tsushima

Where to find the Black and White Dye Merchants in Ghost of Tsushima – Monochrome Masters Trophy

As this is a PS4 game, those playing Ghost of Tsushima will find a variety of trophies to be completed for some nice digital pats on the back. The Monochrome Masters Trophy is one of the easier ones, you just have to know where to look. To complete this Trophy, you have to find one Black Dye and one White Dye merchant, that are spread throughout the game.

Each of the two Merchants has their own inventories and some unique items for sale. The two merchants accept Flowers as currency, so if you find Flowers, hang on to them. The Merchants sell both armor upgrades and the Dyes needed to unlock the Trophy. Keep in mind that the dye is locked to the armor, which means you need to purchase the armor then have the merchant dye it for it to count.

After you find the Dye Merchants and get the Monochrome Masters Trophy, perhaps try hunting down some Predator Hides for some armor upgrades. Anyway, here’s how to find the two merchants.

White Dye Merchant

The White Dye Merchant will be located just to the west of Wanderer’s Pass, which is in the Izuhara region of the game. That’s right at the start of the game by the way. You will need to do some climbing to get to the right area. You will know you’re in the vicinity when you see the Golden Bird nearby. Follow the bird up the mountain to the merchant.

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The White Dye Merchant will sell the following items:

  • Nine-Tailed Fox skin for the Long Bow for 5 Flowers
  • White armor dyes for 10 Flowers for the Traveler’s Attire, Ronin Attire, Kensei Armor, and Gosaku’s Armor
  • Pure Intent Headband for 20 Flowers

Black Dye Merchant

The Black Dye Merchant is in Act 2 of the game. The Black Dye Merchant is found to the southwest of the Urashima village, in the east of the Toyotoma region. The area you’re looking for will be surrounded by a bunch of hanging black fabric. Follow the fabric until your reach a cave hidden behind some patches of bamboo.

The Black Dye Merchant sells the following items:

  • Piercing Shadows skin for the Half Bow for 5 Flowers
  • Black armor dyes for 10 Flowers for Tadayori’s Armor, Traveler’s Attire, Sakai Clan Armor, Goasku’s Armor, Ghost Armor, Kensei Armor

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