Where to find Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact

How do you revive fallen party members?

Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact is a very useful item for some healing items, and you want to have some on hand at all times. Sweet Flowers are an ingredient in the Sweet Madame recipe, which is a great healing item that recovers a huge chunk of your total Health and a bit extra as well. If you want to learn more about what these and other ingredients are worth finding, it’s a good idea to check out our full cooking guide.

Best place to find Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact

You can purchase up to 10 Sweet Flowers a day from Flora, just to the right of the main gate in Mondstadt. But beyond that, there are a couple of places to check.

There are two places where the Sweet Flower will spawn most often. Be sure to check these spawn locations every couple of days to get more of them when you need them. It never hurts to have more of them on hand when you’re trying to craft something. Look for the green plant with a yellow bulb when hunting for these. You also don’t need to use any special attacks on them. And since they’re all over the place, you can find plenty of them if you know what to look for.

  • In Mondstadt, near the Sringvale marker on the map, look to the east of the teleporter in the small lake.
  • Near Mt. Aozang in Liyue is a small group of islands. The most southern island
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