Where to find Starsilver Ore in Genshin Impact

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Starsilver Ore in Genshin Impact is one of the new items added in a current update. Starsilver Ore is required in order to craft the Warming Bottle, a new weapon added to the game. Like any other item in the game, you have to farm for it. You can hold plenty of them at once, so a single farming run can take care of your needs. Lucky for you Starsilver Ore is frighteningly common in a very easy-to-unlock area.

Where to find Starsilver Ore?

The best farming spot for the ore is in the snowy Dragonspine area, which was added in update 1.2. But there’s something to keep in mind. While you may be able to enter Dragonspine at any Adventure Rank, you can’t pick up the quests until you are at least Adventure Rank 20. So this means that the incentive to come hunting for ore is a bit lower if you’re a new player.

. The gray/black colored ore is kind of hard to spot against the icy backdrop, so look closely. Here are some of the best locations in the game to find small caches of it:

Best places to look

  • Starglow Cavern
  • Southeast of Skyfrost Nail
  • East of Entombed City Outskirts, around the lake
  • Ancient Palace coastline
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Use the map below, and head around the huge mountain in the new Dragonspine region. The Silverstar Ore is everywhere.

Genshin Impact Starsilver Ore Locations

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