Where to find Silver in Valheim

Where to find Silver in Valheim

As you get deeper into the higher-level areas in Valheim, you encounter some pretty nasty hazards. Not just content to toss monsters at you, the world itself is out to get you. Players will encounter a bunch of different environmental hazards and foes throughout their time with the game. You will need some better weapons and armor, at least compared to that wimpy stuff you start with. You will eventually need to contend with bitter cold as well, which is where cold resistance comes in. To make some of the better weapons and armor, you need silver in Valheim. Use this guide to find that glittering ore.

Where to find Silver in Valheim

To find silver, you need some tools. Namely, you need the WIshbone, a pickaxe, and cold resistance items.

The Wishbone is a good item if you want to mine tons of Silver in Valheim. This unique item that drops from the Bonemass  Swamp biome boss when you defeat it. The Wishbone is a unique item that emits a cue when you get near treasure, and that includes rare ores, like Silver. You will want to have this equipped when hunting for rare drops.

With Wishbone in hand, you need to gather a few other things as well. You can also use an Iron Pickaxe if you want. But any other higher-end pickaxe will work. Now that you have your implement, you need something to deal with extreme cold. Silver in Valheim only spawns in the wintry Mountain biomes, so you need some kind of cold resistance. You can bring along either Frost Resistance Mead or Wolf Armor to deal with the biting cold.

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When you’re going around the mountain areas, pay attention for the cue from Wishbone. When you get your alert, you will want to head towards any ore veins you find. Silver ore spawns as a rare drop from Iron Ore Veins. Mine these out to get your ores. You can then take them back to base and smelt them in any normal smelter.

Here’s what you can make with Silver:

  • Wolf armor
  • Wolf fur cape
  • Silver arrows
  • Silver shield
  • Silver sword
  • Lox cape
  • Frostner
  • Fang spear
  • Draugr fang
  • Drake helmet
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