Where to find Sacrificial Twigs in Elden Ring

How to Increase Item Drop Rate in Elden Ring

As you level up and get stronger in Elden Ring, there are going to be enemies that you have trouble with. When you run into some kind of road block, maybe some new gear can help. You can find many powerful items in this game, some are bought, and some are crafted. Having a good supply of healing items is also important as well.

The crafting in Elden Ring relies on a variety of items that must be combined. You could farm around for these craftable items, and some of them are pretty hard to find. Others, like Sacrificial Twigs in Elden Ring, are much easier to get your hands on. Keep reading to find out a few places to check for this basic item. There are some items that have specific uses beyond healing, and that’s what this guide is going to cover.

Where to find Sacrificial Twigs in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, a Sacrificial Twig is an item that you sacrifice to keep your Runes on death. It’s meant for late-game play as an emergency button if you’re going into a risky situation. There are only a few of them in the game normally, so you can’t rely on them constantly. If you know you’re going to hold a bunch of Runes, it’s a good idea to have one of these handy. There are a few places in the game where you can get this item.

Sacrificial Twigs can be bought from a few different vendors, here’s the breakdown:

  • Patches in Murkwater Cave
  • Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold after you’ve brought them Patches Bell Bearing
  • Isolated Merchant in the Weeping Peninsula

Be careful going to Murkwater cave on the eastern edge of Limgrave. When you get close to the Murkwater Cave entrance, you will be raided by a hostile NPC, Bloody Finger Nerijus, and the cave entrance will be blocked. This NPC will respawn any time you rest at a Grace until you beat them. if you’re having trouble, bring a long a summon and see if they can help you out.

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Some NPCs will also give you one during their quests. Edgar will give you one when you first speak to him. Find him in Castle Morne in Weeping Peninsula. The other optional NPC to get one from is Fia, who gives you one if you ask her about Rogier.

You can also get Sacrificial Twigs in Elden Ring as a drop from Lesser Wormfaces. These slithering monstrosities can be found roaming around in groups around Crumbling Farum Azula.

If you’re playing and enjoying the game, good for you! You might have questions though, so we have some guides to help you out. When making a character, picking the right class is important. Figure out how to level up your character once you’re in the game. From there, you might want to learn how to upgrade gear, or maybe how to find powerful weapons, like the Meteorite Staff. Or perhaps you’re a melee player and want that shiny new Rivers of Blood katana to hack away with? If you’re dealing with a lot of Undead, try grabbing the Golden Epitaph. Get the Mimic Tear Summon for a powerful ally. If you’re after better gear, give the Ronin Armor or the Urumi Whip a try.

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