Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact

Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact

Radishes in Genshin Impact are a pretty common, and very useful cooking ingredient. You will need them for a variety of cooking recipes. They can be used for a variety of items and recipes that offer good boons to the party. They can be consumed for a small health regen, but are better used for Radish Veggie Soup and other recipes that boost ATK and other stats. Players can also use them during the in-game events to collect rewards. The Marvelous Merchandise event has a requirement to gather these items. Here’s where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact.

Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact

The best place to find these is in the Dawn Winery, right by the main city of Mondstadt. Dawn Winery and Springvale are two of the best places to look, and they’re right by each other. There’s a teleporter between the two that makes this farming run very easy to do. just run down the road from the city toward Springvale, and you will see the Teleporter half-way between the two regions. Just pop in here every couple of days and check the spawn locations marked below, you should find plenty of these radishes very quickly.

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Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact


What use are Radishes in Genshin Impact

You can use them to cook Fried Radish Balls and Radish Veggie Soup.

Fried Radish Balls increases the party’s attack by 66/81/95 for 300 seconds. These take radishes, pepper and flour to make.

Radish Veggie Soup restores 8/9/10% of Max HP to all party members and regenerates 210/260/300 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds. And it’s made from Radishes and mint, a very simple recipe for a solid healing item.

While you’re in the mood for some culinary adventures, you might want to stop by and check out our cooking guide for more details on all the recipes in the game. This can really help speed up figuring out which materials to farm for various recipes and quests. It could also be a good idea to check up on how to process ingredients for some recipes.

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