Where to find Mountain Groves in Minecraft

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Minecraft 1.17 added a bunch of new biomes, animals and more to the game. With the debut of the Caves & Cliffs Minecraft 1.17 update, the game has gotten a lot more focus on underground variety. Players will find all manner of new caves. littered with new lichen and other plants. And now with the launch of Minecraft 1.18, there’s even more to find. The worlds of the adventure game have a ton of new underground biomes.

There are many new cave types being added to your Minecraft worlds have a lot more variety. There’s so many more reasons to explore both above and below ground. Along with all of that, there are new overland biomes and features as well. Caves & Cliffs Part 2 added so much to this game.

Where to find Mountain Groves in Minecraft

The first thing you need to remember when hunting world features like this is that the World Seed can affect it. The spread of different biomes can be massively affected by the seed that you use. If you find yourself having trouble finding a certain biome, try a new seed. Anyway, here’s the best tip we can give.

To find a Grove Biome in Minecraft, you will have to head into the mountain biomes of your world. There are two primary variants of the new Mountain features in 1.18, with one being Mountain Groves, the other is Mountain Meadows.

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The update added six mountain sub-biomes and two brand new cave biomes. One of them was the Mountain Grove Biome. These new sub-biomes can be found pretty much anywhere. This biome can only be found if a mountain is connected with a dark forest or taiga biome.

They act as a buffer between mountains and the forests that surround them. They tend to spawn in low-lying areas at the foot of mountains. That means you want to look out at the foot of mountains if you find a heavily forested area where mansions spawned. If you find yourself in these temperate forests filled with spooky trees, Mountain Groves in Minecraft could be nearby.

Another good way to spot them is in snowy forests filled with Spruce trees. These locations can often have the groves as well. The snowy visage offered by them is quite beautiful as well.

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