Where to Find Honing Stones in New World

How to get fish oil in New World

There are many crafting recipes and items in New World. Amazon’s new MMO is in a bit of a tough spot too, thanks to the ongoing issues with bugs and other problems. The game has been slowly adding new content to try and lure players back. The revamps of the PvP and PvE game modes that are needed have seen a meta-game starting to develop. Players rely a lot on temporary boosts, like those offered by Honing Stones in New World.

To make the most out of your harvesting runs, make sure to take time to increase your weight capacity beforehand. This is a huge help to carrying more loot, and is well worth the investment in gold and time. Having better bags in this MMO is very important. And since you’re going to need a bunch of Earth Motes and other motes, you can make use of them.

What are Honing Stones in New World?

There are four kinds of Honing Stone. Each one can be used to offer a minor damage boost for a short time. The flat damage buff ranges from 4% to 7% and it’s a pretty useful PvP tool.  The more powerful the stone, the longer the boost lasts as well.

  • Weak Honing Stone: Boosts damage by 4% for 25 minutes
  • Common Honing Stone: Boosts damage by 5% for 30 minutes
  • Strong Honing Stone: Boosts damage by 6% for 35 minutes
  • Powerful Honing Stone: Boosts damage by 7% for 40 minutes
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Where to Find Honing Stones in New World

The best way to get them quickly is to visit a Trading Post in any settlement. Players will no doubt be selling some kind of options for this item. You could also buy them on the open market. If you’re not too liquid with gold at the moment, crafting them is another option. Here are the recipes for each of the four kinds of stones.

  • Weak Honing Stone: 1 Stone Block, 1 Death Mote, 1 Fire Mote
  • Common Honing Stone: 1 Stone Brick, 1 Death Wisp, 1 Fire Wisp
  • Strong Honing Stone: 1 Lodestone Brick, 1 Death Essence, 1 Fire Essence
  • Powerful Honing Stone: 1 Obsidian Voidstone, 1 Death Quintessence, 1 Fire Quintessence
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