Where to Find Axolotls in Minecraft

How to breed an Axolotl in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game all about living in a digital world. As the game has developed, many creatures have come to call your worlds home. Axolotls in Minecraft are among the newest creatures added to the game. Axolotls are like many other creatures in the game, and can reproduce. And just like the likes of Sheep and Cows, it’s very easy. The one issue, is actually finding some in the first place.

Where to Find Axolotls in Minecraft

There are three biomes where they can spawn. Axolotls in Minecraft are primarily an aquatic form of life, so you need to be able to spot them near water, or in very wet climates. But in this version of the game, there’s only one place they can spawn. Axolotls now only spawn underwater in Lush Caves.

Lush caves can spawn in many biomes, but one of the best ways to spot them is by the Azalea trees growing above them. Dig down and you will find a lush cave under these purple trees. Be careful though, as you can often drop to your doom if you’re not paying attention. Lush Caves in Minecraft 1.18 can also hide Glow Berries, as well as a ton of other plant life. In fact, one of the better ways to spot a Lush cave is to look for the light sources spawned with them.

Lush Caves are considered a Temperate biome, so checking in heavily forested or jungled areas is a great help. Just look in these areas for the azalea trees and you’re golden.

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Keep in mind that you need to also feed them. The Axolotl will only eat Tropical Fish. You need to have a ready supply on standby to feed your new friends. Once you have a Tropical Fish, go out and feed your new pets. Feeding will allow them to breed. If you want an aquarium in your world, you can also drop them into some custom tanks for artistic flair.

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