Where to find Apples in Genshin Impact

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Apples are a very useful cooking item in Genshin Impact. Eating them on their own can restore 300 Health, and they’re also used for really powerful recipes like Satisfying Salad. If you want to learn more about what these and other ingredients are worth finding, it’s a good idea to check out our full cooking guide.

Anyway, on to finding Apples in Genshin Impact. To find them, you need to find an Apple Tree. you will know when you’ve found it because the apples are very clearly visible on the tree itself. Look for the shiny red fruits and bingo, you found them.

You can also find them in crates and barrels if you’re searching for random food item drops. The chances of getting a specific food item are low though, so it’s better just to farm for Apples directly.

Best place to find Apples in Genshin Impact

The best place to find Apples in Genshin Impact is in the Stormbearer Mountains in the northern part of the map. Use the image below to find out where they are. The red circles denote the general area to search for Apple trees.

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When you’re in these areas look for the trees with bright red apples hanging from them. You can farm a few Apples from each tree. Farming all the spawns in the game can yield an easy 15+ Apples every few days.

Where to find Apples in Genshin Impact

Other places you can find Apples in Genshin Impact

Spawns can be found all over the map, but there are a few spawns worth checking every couple of days. Here are the best places outside of Stormbearer to find Apples:

  • Dawn Winery — Mondstadt — just south of the teleporter in the grassy area
  • Guili Plains — Liyue — At the  intersection of the road between Guili Plains and Wangshu Inn
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