Where to find a Hive Boss in Destiny 2

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The Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2 has added a bunch of new content to explore, and plenty of enemies to shoot. One of these new mechanics with Warmind Rasputin is the bounties that he hands out. The Hive Machine Bounty is one of these and offers a bunch of targets to blow up. The big goal here is to find a Hive Boss in Destiny 2.

Keep in mind that you may need to upgrade your Seraph Bunker to unlock this particular Bunker Bounty. So you may want to focus on that for a bit. Bunker Bounties and Legendary Lost Sectors are a good pathway for getting the Warmind Bits and Chipsets you need to upgrade Rasputin’s bunkers.

Escalation Protocol on Mars is the first place you should look for the boss. The Hive Boss in Destiny 2 is located at the end of the mission, so come prepared for a major fight. Escalation Protocol will have tons of players active on it during the Season of the Worthy with this Bunker Bounty active, so it should be no trouble finding a group to run it. The first phase is the one that contains the Hive Boss.

The Core Terminus Lost Sector near Braytech, also on Mars. is another common source for finding this boss. The Lost Sector is a fair bit easier, as the enemies are much weaker here compared to other missions. The path to the boss for this particular zone is relatively easy since the level of enemies is lower, so it might even be quicker to blitz these missions for the Hive Boss bounty.

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Always be sure to clear your other Bounties from Rasputin as well, as the missions on EDZ, the Moon, or Io can be a good source of loot and resources to upgrade your Bunkers.

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