Where to farm Grenade Ash in Final Fantasy XIV

How to get the Incitatus Mount in FFXIV

With the release of patch 5.5 there are many new things to take on in Final Fantasy XIV. The new additions include a bunch of quests to complete and some items to craft. High-level players have some special things to achieve now. There are not only new raids to take down, but also some special events. The new Skyrise Celebration Fêtes are a part of endgame crafting recipes and you can earn some very valuable rewards for doing them. One such reward is the Wanderer’s Campfire and it’s a pretty cool healing item.

You need to have a Level 80 Alchemist to make the item for starters, so have that first. Once that’s done you need these items to make the new minion item:

  • 7 Water Crystal
  • 7 Lightning Crystal
  • 4 Grenade Ash
  • 6 Sandteak Log
  • 4 Volcanic Tuff

One of the items you need to find is Grenade Ash. Here’s where you can go to find that.

Grenade Ash Drop Locations

Grenade Ash drops from multiple locations in the game. You can also get it as a loot drop from Cutter’s Cry, the Bomb Baron in Northern Thanalan (25-23.5). To farm it from easier enemies, you can also get drops off of Grenades that spawn in Outer La Noscea. Those spawn at the X,Y coordinates (22-14). You can also get it via Level 40 Quarrying nodes in Northern Thanalan.

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Grenade Ash Purchase Locations

You can also buy Grenade Ash in Final Fantasy XIV from Z’ranmaia at Limasa Lominsa Upper Decks. They are very cheap at a little over 200 Gil.

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