Where to farm Coarse Thread in V Rising

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V Rising puts far more emphasis on survival than a more action-oriented vamp game. Surviving against the many enemies is going to be tough. Blood is the core of your survival. You will need blood to continue fighting and growing your power. You also need an army of followers to help you out. Aside from that, the game offers a ton of bosses to fight, which you need to improve your gear to succeed at doing.

Be sure to check out our other guides on scrolls, and other materials like fish oil. Other upgrades like Whetstones are pretty useful as well. Other aspects of the game can help with your journey, like farming in V Rising and growing stuff from seeds. Seeds harvested from bosses can be used to grow unique items for crating intriguing new armor. Some of the best armor in the game is the Dark Silver gear, which is super powerful. And since you’re trying to get more powerful gear, leather can be helpful as well. Other items like Wool Thread and Clay are useful for early game crafting.

Where to farm Coarse Thread in V Rising

In fact, there are a lot of things you need to gather to get going in the early-game crafting. Like Paper and other basic items, Coarse Thread is a very important resource in V Rising, The best way to get this item is to farm Bandit enemies. These are most common in the opening zone. Bandits have a chance of dropping Coarse Thread. You can simply hunt around the zone, killing human enemies, and farm a bit of the Coarse Thread. This can then be used in various recipes.

There is another method you can use beyond crafting though, it just takes time. Once players have the Castle Throne unlocked, they can send out their Servants to previously explored locations to farm resources. The Farbane Woods has many Bandit locations, such as the Bandit Logging Camp and Bandit Trapper Camp. Both of these can be farmed manually or automatically for Coarse Thread.

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These missions run in real-time, so they can take a while, perhaps way too long on solo servers. It’s worth noting, that the timer apparently doesn’t countdown if you aren’t running a server, as it’s based on game uptime, and not real-time. Servant training times are also affected by this. While you can’t adjust Servant rise timers when you put them into their coffins, you can adjust the time they spend on missions. There’s really no point to sending them out for more than 2 hours at a time on solo servers.

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