Where to catch Pigepic in Temtem

You might come across a side quest in Temtem that has you look for a Pigepic. This guide will tell you exactly where you can catch Pigepic in Temtem so you can add it to your team and complete the side quest which has you asking to locate one. The quest you need this special, non-evolving, Temtem for is called Pigepic Fan Cute Toddler. And it’s even a very strong defensive option with higher than average Special Defense.

The side quest will be available quite early in the game. There’s a small child inside a house who asks you to find a Pigepic since he is a huge fan and has a toy of the TemTem, however, in the earlier stages of the game, it doesn’t appear that there’s anywhere to catch a Pigepic. in Temtem there are hundreds of different monsters to tame, and with so many options, players will want to find the best ones to fill out their team.

We’ve already seen what some of the other options are, like the adorable Temtem starters, Crystle, Houchic, and Smazee. And this new piggie baby is pretty adorable too.

You will have to progress through the game and once you reach the town of Arissola, just south of the town will be a small area with grass and a couple of Tamers. You can find it at the top of the long path through the Thalassian Cliffs.

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It might be available elsewhere but this is the most common spot where it is found to appear.

If you’re looking for more tips about Temtem, we have plenty of other guides as well. Here’s how to battle other players in the game. And if you find yourself struggling to get ahead in combat, try leveling up a bit. Players also found some interesting ways to try and game the grind of leveling up their Temtem. The Coward’s Cloak is the rough equivalent of an EXP Share in the game, which you can only get with the Surfboard.

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