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When Does Season 1 of Halo: Reach End?

Halo Reach

When jumping into Halo: Reach for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you will notice a few things are different. This updated version of the Xbox 360 release focuses in a lot more on keeping players engaged for one thing. The visuals have been improved, but so have the menus and gameplay options. 343 Industries has done a pretty solid job porting the title to the collection, and both console and PC players seem to be loving it. And a big part of how 343 Industries plans to keep players coming back is by expanding post-launch content and events.

Following the Destiny 2 model pretty closely, Halo: Reach for Halo: The Master Chief Collection will break up the releases of new content, game modes and more into seasons. Obviously, this first season is kicking off with launch of the newly ported game, and has an end date at some point in the future. Each season will offer different rewards for playing, with tiers also involved in the reward process. In essence, play more, get more bonuses.

While playing, you earn Season points to raise your season score, that in turn affects your ranking. Each level earned unlocks new rewards, as well as pushing up the level you need to hit at higher ranks. In terms of what rewards you can earn, there’s firefight voice packs, armor mods and visuals, and a bunch more cosmetic options to attach to your armor.

Now people are asking, “When does Season 1 of Halo: Reach end?” Here’s the basic answer. The next season of rewards will move to a new game in the collection.  The first season focuses on Halo: Reach. Once it finishes, the season pass focus moves to a new game.

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Max Szlagor, the design director for the publishing team at 343 Industries, explained that the system is being designed to minimize grinding too much. The primary idea here is that seasonal rank is applied across all the games. So you won’t lose any progress you’ve made with the previous titles or any of the unlocks, when the season ends. The progression happens across all of the games in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, making it much easier to satisfy challenges and keep earning bonuses.

The challenges players can complete vary a lot. And with each rank earned, you move on to the next one and its associated rewards. Players will be able to purchase the first five ranks, but then must unlock future ranks.

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