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When does Nightwave Intermission 3 begin in Warframe

Here's how to get Lavos in Warframe

A couple of weeks ago, the last Nightwave Intermisson Bounty wrapped up, and put an end to the main storyline of Glassmaker. This has led to speculation among players as to when Nightwave Intermission 3 will begin in Warframe. These intermissions are usually a last chance for players coming back to the game to earn items they missed in the previous runs. So new and old players will often want to rush in and grab what they can, before it leaves forever.

So far, Digital Extremes has not committed an official release date for Nightwave Intermission 3. Since Nightwave Season 3 was delayed past its original end date, there has been some shuffling going on. Digital Extremes admitted that they needed a “small pause” between  Season 3 and the beginning of Intermission 3. So when the last season ended on January 24, we’re now playing a waiting game.

So if you happened to miss out on any rewards from Glassmaker, fear not. The story may be gone, but there will surely be other ways to get the unique rewards. DE is pretty fond of letting players get second chances at some rewards. The details about rewards in Nightwave Intermission 3 are unclear, but many assume that unique weapons and warframes will make a return.

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DE has also said that they plan to tweak rewards during the new track as well. If you played during Season 3 and already earned a reward, you won’t be getting duplicates. Instead, the developer has said that duplicate rewards hand out 50 Nightwave Intermission Credits as a replacement. As a note, this does not apply to items such as Warframe Slots, or consumable items. you will get Credits for unique items like the previous Cosmetic rewards.

And don’t be concerned, more info is coming in Devstream 151.

Where to watch Devstream 151

There is a reveal stream planned during Devstream 151 on January 29, 2 PM ET. Try to tune in to the Warframe Twitch channel to watch the stream. You can learn all the details then. And of course, we’ll have a recap of any new announcements when we can. So feel free to come back and check in.

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