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What is the Max Level in Final Fantasy 14?

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has so much stuff to do. The MMO that may well unseat World of Warcraft as the king of the MMO space is constantly growing. Tons of players are rushing to the game for something different and new. And with that comes noobies with lots of questions. One of the burning queries is how much room there is for an improvement in regards to the level cap.

We may see a further increase when Endwalker, the next expansion drops, keep an eye out for that. But for now, let’s talk about what’s possible. So here’s the answer to the question, what is the max level in Final Fantasy 14?

What is the Max Level in Final Fantasy XIV?

The true Max Level in Final Fantasy 14 is currently Level 80 for any job. Some jobs only cap out at lower levels though, like Blue Mage. But for the vast majority of both combat and crafting jobs, you can level to 80. There are a few things contingent on this though, namely whether you’re paying for a subscription.

Final Fantasy 14 relies on sub revenue to primarily fund development. Without that, no MMO for us fans. For that reason, you have to pay to access all the content in the game. In addition to monthly subs, and possible Retainer fees for storage, you must buy the expansions. Each level of the expansions raises the level cap a bit, and we’re sitting at 80 right now.

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With the Heavensward expansion, it increased to 60, with the Stormblood expansion, it increased to 70, and now we’re at 80 with Shadowbringers. But that expansion also changed a lot more.

The level cap when 1.0 came out was 50, which implied you had complete the original storyline before the A Realm Reborn expansion massively changed the game for the better. Over the last few years, this has changed a fair bit. For one thing, the free trial has been opened up a huge amount, and you can play the full game up to level 60. This is the most forgiving free trial among the big 5 names in the MMO industry.

The Final Fantasy 14 free trial does have other restrictions though, like limiting market access—as well as restricting players to holding only 300,000 Gil. There are other limitations as well. You can read the full terms on FF XIV’s main site.

For some help getting to that level cap, make sure to do all your Levequests and Daily Roulettes. These are a good source of both Gil and XP. You can also get some really cool items, like unique stuff, from doing events and limited-time events too.

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