What is the max character level in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons PC System Requirements

As you’re playing through Minecraft Dungeons, your power level will slowly increase. Players will find that the various zones with their own unique themes each have their own loot pools. The gear in this game ties into one of the two leveling systems in the game. Players will get a general power level for their characters based on the rarity and overall power of the gear they have equipped. The max character level in Minecraft Dungeons is the second of these two leveling systems.

You will get more and more powerful as you kill mobs and gain experience, but that’s just the start. Your max character level in Minecraft Dungeons also ties to another system that powers up your items.

The Enchantment Points system also has its own requirements and caps. Each piece of equipment can hold up to three Enchantment Points, with each set holding up to six of these for the best Tier 3 enchants. The game rewards you for hitting certain leveling milestones. These milestones are character levels 10, 25 and 50. You have up to 54 different enchantments in the game to choose from as well. Each level also unlocks a Point, and the first is unlocked at level two.

Basically, this means that the max character level in Minecraft Dungeons is most likely going to be capped at 55 for now.

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Depending on the future of the game, this could change. Mojang could increase the cap for the max character level in Minecraft Dungeons in the future. There are already two DLC updates planned for the game. These will likely include new levels to explore and loot to collect. Both of these will likely lead to both a higher gear power level and character level for your game. We could also see more mobs and difficulty options for veterans as well.

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