What is Soft Pity in Genshin Impact?

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Wishes In Genshin Impact are pretty darn useful. They are basically the Gacha or lootbox system in the game. Wishes will often contain characters, weapons and other items of different rarity tiers. Anyone who has played this game before knows the trials and tribulations of trying to roll for the characters that they want. They are the core of many mobile game monetization schemes. And because the devs aren’t entirely heartless, they put in what’s known colloquially as a pity or soft pity system.

What is Pity in Genshin Impact

Simply put, Pity in Genshin Impact is a system that guarantees a 5-Star character/weapon after making a certain number of wishes.

You are basically guaranteed a five-star reward on every certain amount of Wishes. For very 80 Wishes on Weapon Banners, you get one; and it’s capped at every 90 Wishes on Character Banners, so it’s very easy to understand. There are other things to remember about this system as well. For example, the Banner character is guaranteed to drop on the second five-star pull if it’s a Pity roll.

If the player pulls any five-star weapon or any five-star character other than the event-limited five-star character, then the next five-star the player pulls on an event banner is guaranteed to be the banner character or item.

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But along with Pity, there is another layer to this system. That option is called Soft Pity in Genshin Impact.

What is Soft Pity?

Soft Pity in Genshin Impact offers another reward avenue for gamers that put the money in. It’s not a guaranteed five-star drop, rather an increasing of odds in your favor. You can rest assured that after a certain number of pulls, the game will make it more likely that you get a 5-star weapon or character. For Character Banners, Soft Pity kicks in at 74 wishes. The Soft Pity for Weapon Banners starts at 64. So get out there and make those rolls to try and get some shiny new companions.

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