What does Willpower in BitLife mean?

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The mobile life simulator BitLife has a lot to handle. Players trying to get a grip on this hit iOS and Android sim have a lot to learn. One of the things many new players have to learn is how to handle the various character stats. These scores are usually randomly generated when you make a character, and they have huge impact on your life in-game.

Willpower in BitLife is one of many stats that your character will have in the game. These stats are both visible and hidden throughout the game, depending on the stat. Along with Karma and Health, these three stats are the ones that are the hardest to directly influence. But despite that, they carry a lot of weight. Willpower is one of a few stats in the game that influence random events. Willpower in particular relates to the mental fortitude of your character. For example, if your character is an addict to shopping or drinking, they will be more likely to develop worse versions of that habit with low Willpower.

A higher Willpower score will result in fewer random events that include addictions or other negative effects. Having a high score in the three aforementioned areas will usually equate to more positive things happening throughout your digital life.

Can you Increase Willpower in BitLife?

The answer to this question, is yes, you can pretty easily gain Willpower in BitLife. The issue is that it’s not always obvious. Unlike Looks, Smarts and Happiness these stats aren’t directly shown on the main screen. You actually can’t see your Willpower in-game under normal circumstances.

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You have two options for increasing it throughout the game. Positive actions will have the most impact. Think about the things you do to increase Health and Happiness, they can often increase Willpower as well. Go for a run, hit the gym, visit the doctor, and a few other things. All these have a very minor impact on your willpower. Aside from manually increasing it, there’s one more option.

There is one other option you can use to set high stats at the beginning of the game. To directly alter Willpower in BitLife, you need to purchase the God Mode premium pack from the game store. This paid addon only costs a few bucks, and gives you the option to tweak the starting location, appearance, and stats for your character. It’s a pretty helpful thing to have if you play a lot.

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