What do you think of Marvel’s Avengers character designs?


Marvel’s Avengers has a lot of fans of comics, the MCU, and the general Marvel brand being a little suspicious of the newest game tied to the iconic property. The newly revealed game from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics is a co-op brawler with some really pretty 3D graphics and some set-piece heroic moments, but there’s one aspect that has a lot of people flipping out.

That element is the character designs for the new game. Marvel’s Avengers is a pretty obvious tie-in with the MCU, the characters just don’t look right. The characters look enough like their MCU counterparts to be able to recognize the characters, but they look more like stunt doubles than the actual easily recognizable actors. Fans don’t like this of course, so the internet blew up with some backlash.

According to a recent interview with lead creative director Shaun Escayg, the team appreciates the passion of fans and their feedback, but as some point they’ve had to put their foot down. The team has made it clear that the game’s character designs are not subject to an extreme amount of change at this point. In short, what gamers are seeing now is likely to be what we see at launch as it comes to Marvel’s Avengers.

So while games are always going to evoke a passionate response from fans when they interact with a beloved franchise, some things just can’t be changed. Game development is always pretty tumultuous though, with features having to be cut or altered mid-cycle to make release or deal with major issues. So who knows, maybe Marvel’s Avengers will be able to ship a better product by focusing on gameplay quality over faithful recreations of MCU actors.

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Marvel’s Avengers releases May 15, 2020 for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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