What do Nexomon whistles do?

What do Nexomon whistles do?

Nexomon: Extinction has a large number of mechanics involved for a simple monster collecting video game. One of the strange items you will eventually uncover is the Whistle. You will notice that at each item shop, various types of Whistle will be in stock. So what the heck do they do? Let’s talk about that.

Each Whistle in the game is tuned to a specific Element. And guess what, each Element is also tied to a certain Nexomon grouping. So by blowing a Whistle in the right areas, you have a higher chance of capturing the Nexomon that corresponds to that Element. If you’re trying to get all 300, it’s a very good idea to keep those whistles in stock at all times. So where do you go to get Nexomon whistles?

Where to find Nexomon whistles

Nexomon whistles will vary quite a bit. Each one is specialized to a certain type of Nexomon, and with 300 to catch, there will be a lot of variance between both the whistles and the monsters. Most of Nexomon whistles will be found in trader inventories. So as you’re exploring around, possibly finding Warpstones for fast travel, take note of what Traders have. As a globetrotting Tamer, you’re going to need a lot of these whistles.

For example, if you’re hunting Fire-type Nexomon, you’re going to need a bunch of the same type of whistles. You might want to take note of the Type effectiveness chart below, both to learn what Types to use against another, and what Whistles to use.

It’s also a good idea to look for other items from traders as well. When trying to gather Cores and Shards for boosting the stats of your Nexomon, you will notice that Traders will trade items for Gold. Their stock will change from Trader to Trader, so keep a running note of what items you want.

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How to use each whistle

Each whistle grants you a 3% higher chance of catching the type it’s associated with. There is an interesting effect though. If you have multiple active in your inventory, the effect can be stacked. This can make it very easy to activate multiple whistles and massively boost the chance you catch a certain Nexomon.

Before attempting to catch a Nexomon, you will see a window on your UI that shows the alteration that the whistle is making on your chances. The percentage will show all the time, so it makes it easy to see what impact you’re having.

At the start of the game, your base chance to successfully catch a monster is 15%. From there, you can apply various boosts. The Whistles will also combine with boosts you get from your Tamer level, eventually you can boost that chance to 100% for a short time. This tactic relies on stacking enough whistles, hitting the max Tamer level, and eating the right food.

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