What club should you join in Ooblets?

How To Craft Blueprints In Ooblets

With all of the stuff going on in Ooblets it’s kind of easy to feel lost. With all of the monsters running around and farming you have to do, it’s kind of expect that you need to deal with a lot of stuff that will feel alien to you. But at least the game tries to ease you into it. When you first arrive at Badgetown in Ooblets, the town mayor wants you to introduce yourself to the citizens, mostly by talking to eight people in town. This then leads into to choosing your Club in Ooblets. Your chosen Club will provide you with a starting Ooblet. They will also help you out when starting the game.

There are four Clubs in Ooblets, each with its own style and choices for a starter. And if you’re looking to metagame the game, knowing which one to aim for can be very helpful. So here are the four clubs and a short blurb about each one.


The Frunbruns are the most social group of the choices. They admire cute things, and greatly enjoy sparkles, alongside their social activities. Melda leads the group, and you receive Tud, a frog-like Ooblet for joining.


The Peaksnubs are those who believe they are above everyone else and have the largest ego of the groups. They’re the best of the best, and they created fertilizers that many farmers in the game use. Bazil leads the group, and you receive Bittle, a beetle-like Ooblet, for joining.

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Players who join Mimpins will receive Sidekey, a toy-like Ooblet, for joining. The group is led by Videon, a no-nonsense kind of person. The tech-savvy group has a ton of work ethic and a very driven personality. They also use technology extensively.


Mossprout is the last of the four Clubs in Ooblets, with Outgrid leading the pack. This club is all about nature, and has a much more relaxed feel to it. These folks love to explore nature looking for fun things to do. You receive Shrumbo, a mushroom-like Ooblet, for joining.

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