What are Sponsor Contracts in Riders Republic?

How to create a group in Riders Republic

The events challenges of Riders Republic have many different forms. Sponsor Contracts in Riders Republic are one of the more interesting ones. Here’s everything you need to know about Sponsor Contracts in Riders Republic. These missions are a bit more complex, as they are meant to be challenging daily tasks. Here’s some help on getting them up, and then completing them.

There’s not just these contracts either. Custom events can be pretty cool for playing with your pals. You can use photo mode in Riders Republic to get a sweet shot of that new trick, or that beautiful vista. Use it however you want. Maybe try capturing some awesome Mass Event win. You could also play in Zen Mode and get some really awesome scenic views.

What are Sponsor Contracts?

This game has a lot of different things you need to do. To unlock Sponsor Contracts, you first need to earn 30 Stars across all events and collectibles in the game. This means you need to spend some time and find quite a few challenges and items throughout the map. After you unlock them, the game will refresh them all the time, usually each day. You can check your contracts each time they refresh via the vendor found at Riders Ridge.

There are 20 Sponsors in Riders Republic. Here’s the full list:

  • #Lobster
  • 100%
  • Armada
  • Burton
  • Commencal
  • Devinci
  • Factions
  • Ford
  • Head
  • Jones
  • Kona Bicycles
  • Nitro
  • Picture
  • Red Bull
  • Rossignol
  • Santa Cruz
  • Troy Lee Designs
  • YT Industries
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Sponsors are equipped unlocks that can be swapped in, and earn points for you character. You can use up to three sponsor contracts at any time. When you put a sponsor on your character, the contract will trigger a certain task. Go out into the world and complete the tricks or events laid out before you. As you complete a sponsor, you gain ranks with that sponsor, unlocking more challenges. You can only unlock new ranks on each sponsore once per day.

Completing Sponsor Contracts in Riders Republic will grant an additional star on your account. Each star gained also gives you an additional 1000 Bucks for every three more contracts you complete. This is a way for players to get into the game at a deeper level, allowing them to buy more rewards. You can get new bikes and other stuff with these Bucks.

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