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How To Repair Wreckage For Your Railjack In Warframe

While playing Railjack missions in Warframe, players will find a bunch of junk, namely Wreckage and Salvage. A big chunk of this stuff is resources gained from asteroids and and enemy wreckage, but there is one special reward packed in the mountain of loot. The main reason for picking this stuff up is that it’s actually broken components and armaments for your Railjack spacecraft.

To see what Salvage you have in storage, check out the Armaments screen while you’re in the Dry Dock. This screen will show all of the Salvage you have collected, with a listing for each piece of loot. All the stats for each resulting piece of kit are displayed in this screen as well. Trouble is you will have to repair the loot to be able to use it. Take into consideration which stats you want, as that will determine what gear you actually repair. You can only hold up to 30 pieces of salvaged loot at a time, so you’re going to need to be selective about what you keep.

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There are a few ways to handle this process. The main way people will do this is by spending resources collected in Railjack missions, and then waiting out the timer. There is one downside though, as players appear unhappy with the system. Various Warframe players have suggested that the current loot research system for unlocking new items for the Railjack is too expensive. Material costs are pretty high, so they may have a point.

You can also use a Rush Repair Drone, which you can purchase from the Market for Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency.  This is defitely not recommended, as you will spend a ton of Platinum on this stuff.

If you don’t want to repair the Wreckage you have on hand, it can therefore be scrapped. Here’s what happens when you do that:

  • Scrapping the item before Repairs grants Dirac, the currency used to upgrade your Avionics Grid, or your Avionic themselves (similar to Endo).
  • Scrapping the item after Repairing gives you back the crafting materials you spent (Titanium, Carbides, etc.).

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