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Warframe launches on Epic Games Store, gets Unreal Tournament skins

Warframe launches on Epic Games Store, gets Unreal Tournament skins

The Game Awards 2020 has revealed that Warframe on Epic Games Store will now be a thing. The Digital Extremes game will be moving to the Epic storefront and bring with it some new flair. If you’re an Epic fan and have been holding off, now is the perfect time to become a space ninja. So let’s dig in and see what we’re getting.

“A collab 16 years in the making, we’ve partnered with Unreal Tournament co-creator Epic Games to bring you exclusive Unreal Tournament Weapon Skins! Each Skin comes with brand-new sounds, effects, and animations designed to recapture the excitement of Unreal Tournament and bring it to the Origin System”, Digital Extremes wrote.

The launch of the popular online shooter only had so many platforms left to head to. There’s even already a Switch port on the market as well. So it would seem that EGS final gets its turn. To celebrate the launch of the game, there’s a new Warframe: The Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle coming soon as well.

The bundle is free on Epic Games Store and includes a few different items that can be pushed to players to give them something nice to hold onto. And because that’s not all, you can also get a free Double Credits weekend for all players on PC as well. Anyway, back to the skins.

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The first item is the Drakgoon Flak Cannon which has a nice yellow scheme evoking the classic UT rocket launcher. The second item is another rocket launcher called the Ogris Rocket Launcher. This triple-barreled nightmare is coated with a new red and black color scheme. Both of these are incredible looking, and offer a nice new look for Warframe fans.

Unfortunately, the bundle is only available on PC, but it may be ported to consoles soon. No news on that front, but DE has said that they will update fans if that changes.

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