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WARFRAME: EMPYREAN Revealed at TennoCon

Warframe Empyrean Expansion Teased

Warframe from Digital Extremes is about to get a lot more interesting. That’s because the upcoming expansion, Empyrean, is going to make space combat possible. The expansion is set to massively alter the way people play the game, and just one small piece of that is an entirely new intro for new players. Warframe has actually gone through a few visual overhauls like this, and this latest one might be the most badass yet.

The expansion also introduces improvements to the Squad system through the Squad Link. Players will now be able to take on more difficult multi-part missions with multiple squads on the fly. Missions across Fortuna or Plains of Eidolon are going to be eligible for this feature so far, and can feature a wide variety of objectives.

But a massive part of the Empyrean expansion is based around spacefaring and space combat. Players will gain access to a full space hangar where they can store their craft, as well as customize and upgrade literally every cosmetic and gameplay aspect of their ships. Boost your Shields, Engine, Hull and Stealth using resources found during missions.

As part of this expansion there’s also PvP being rolled into the space sections of the shooter. Digital Extremes is implementing a system where players can invade and steal the ships of other players.

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Other gameplay additions include new Frames, like Grendel and Gauss, as well as building out story elements for a future major story expansion, New War. The New War, Warframe’s next cinematic quest, is coming Holiday 2019.

Check out the full demo of Empyrean from TennoCon down below.

If you want to learn more, check out the official site.

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