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Warframe announces Atlas Prime, ending Wukong Prime access

Warframe Empyrean Expansion Teased

The next primed Warframe has been revealed thanks to a new teaser leaked out into the wild.  Atlas is the next primed Warframe, bringing new life to an old buddy, one famous for being a true tank in every sense of the word. As the WF wiki puts it, “With stone cold fists and a titan’s physique, Atlas bends rock to encrust and bulldoze through all challengers in his brawl. Champion of elemental earth, he manifests formidable ramparts, crushing boulders, and golem brethren to rampage his stomping grounds.” Having been introduced in 2015 with the 17th update cycle, the game has changed a lot since then, so it seems DE needed to revitalize an old friend. It will be very interesting to see how he stacks up against newer frames like Gauss.

Check out the new additions in the trailer below. Although it’s not all roses for space ninjas this week, as developer Digital Extremes also announced the next batch of content that will be placed in the Prime Vault. Prime Access for Wukong Prime will be ending soon, when the next roster of items rotates into the game.

Wukong Prime, along with two Primed weapons Kogake Prime and Akbolto Prime, are some rather powerful variants that are soon to be removed from drop tables in the popular loot shooter, Warframe. Wukong Prime was released alongside Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime, two special weapon variants that fit with its gameplay style. It was first revealed during TennoCon 2019, offering players an option for a melee-focused gameplay loop with plenty of speed to boot.

That is, until these variants land in the infamous Prime Vault. The Prime Vault is something that Warframe makes use of pretty regularly to introduce a little artificial scarcity into the economy. In addition to the complex loot drop tables which mean that only certain missions drop the vital Relics, removing elements from said loot drops adds a layer of urgency to the farming process. Normally, players just rush through as many missions as possible to farm Relics, and then “crack” them in Fissure missions, with mission spawns for each Relic type. Completing these gauntlets allows players to choose a rare drop from their Relic, including a chance at Primed warframe parts and weapons.

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Here’s the list of all the Prime variants and other stuff that will be vaulted at the end of the month:

  • Wukong Prime
  • Wukong Prime Glyphs
  • Zhuge Prime
  • Ninkondi Prime
  • Jindou Prime Syandana
  • Tang Prime Kubrow Fur Pattern
  • Sanzang Prime Kubrow Armor
  • Corposant Prime Ephemera
  • Kubrow Starter Kit

Head over to the official store to get in on these deals before they go away. Although don’t fret too much if you miss them, Digital Extremes has a tendency to bring some Vaulted content back into the loot tables from time to time, like the developer did with Saryn Prime this past month. Although don’t count on any particular schedule, as DE keeps very tight lips on what variants are coming out of the Prime Vault each month.

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