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War Thunder 1.95 “Northern Wind” released, adds new graphical options

War Thunder 1.95

The newest patch War Thunder, version 1.95, is live. War Thunder 1.95 is all about a few different things, each adding and adjusting various elements of the combined arms wargame. In terms of new content, there’s plenty to be had. The developer also brings some fixes and other adjustments to the table, making the game run better.

First up, what’s new in War Thunder 1.95. The biggest new addition is a full complement of period-correct Swedish aircraft. More than 30 aircraft from Sweden’s aviation history are now in the game. These planes are also joined by a compliment of Swedish tanks and other vehicles. And yes, the naval side of the conflict also got some Scandanavian love in this patch.

Gameplay adjustments are also on the docket. A new control option will allow players in ground vehicles and AA emplacements to lock their turret view when using mouse control, making aiming easier.

And what’s a patch without bug fixes and optimization? War Thunder 1.95 has buckets full of those. Various vehicles have had missing elements added where they should be. For example, the Ho-Ni 1 and Type 60 SPRG were previously missing simulated armor in some areas of the model. On the more technical side of things, Gaijin has added in some new versions of lighting tech on the backend, improving the quality of graphical effects. This update also includes Ray Traced Global Illumination, HDR support and a physical spark system. These should make the already tense battles more realistic.

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The update also includes a bunch of fixes and adjustments to the sound system. Various sound effects have been redone in some way, granting a more realistic feel, as well as more consistent sound processing. This, when combined with changes to RAM usage, should make processing quicker and result in some improvements to performance overall.

Check out the teaser for the new content in the trailer below. You can find the full patch notes for War Thunder 1.95 over on the official site.

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