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Update your Loot Filter for Path of Exile 3.12 and the Heist content

POE 3.12 Path of Exile: Heist Announced

Loot filters in POE are vital, without them you would never be able to pick through the mountain of loot that drops during gameplay. Picking the right Loot Filter for Path of Exile 3.12 is even more important thanks to all that’s changing this league.

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There is a ton of new items in this patch to keep track of. The new Contracts and Blueprints are key to the Heists and Grand Heists, so you need to be able to pick those up. There’s also the Replica Uniques and more than 900 Alternate Skill Gems that have been added in 3.12. In short, there’s a lot of new items to track, and a loot filter makes these items easy to pick out of the mess of loot.

The default loot filter is OK, that’s the one loaded into the game by default. But it has its major flaws. It won’t highlight certain base item types for you. It won’t put special styling or sounds on League-specific items or other drops either. It will work for the most casual players, but many will eventually want to move into something more specialized.

Best Loot Filters

Neversink’s Loot Filter – The most common loot filter for many POE players. Neversink offers a wide array of options for the strictness of the filter, with more speed-oriented players wanting to opt for a stricter filter. if you’re a new player, you have options for leveling as well.

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FilterBlade is another option for customizing filters. It uses the Neversink filter as a base and offers tons of customization and sharing options for players looking to get their own unique feel. It also has various strictness settings which determine how much loot gets filtered out. Racers would generally prefer very strict filters.

Greengrove’s Loot Filter  – A very stylish loot filter, with several cosmetic options It has multiple color schemes like Amethyst, Atlantisite, Bloodstone, Jade, Zoisite and Game Like, each offering their own unique look. Filtering for items is more generic, showing a wide range of items. This newest version is tailored for endgame play and farming.

StupidFatHobbit’s Loot Filter – Experienced players, racers and the like might want to look here. This heavily restricted filter is designed to filter out most trash and other loot, only showing the most valuable drops and currency.

FilterBlast is another great choice as it has more options as bases. for your Loot Filter for Path of Exile 3.12. This makes it very easy to customize many different filters from different authors. There’s no “right” choice here, just pick one that works for you. FilterBlast makes it very easy to see and apply the changes you’re making.


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