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Uncharted film loses another director

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So that Uncharted film is still stuck in limbo after years of work. According to a report posted by Deadline, Sony’s movie adaptation has lost yet another director after years of struggle. Travis Knight, who previously helmed the Transformers reboot Bumblebee, has said that he will exit the project due to scheduling conflicts with its star, Tom Holland. Holland is currently set to begin filming on the next Spider-Man film as part of a deal with Marvel Studios.

The overall story of following the early adventures of Nathan Drake as he globetrots in search of treasure is a great setting for a goofy action film, but this film has had such difficulties in getting into actual filming that fans are wondering if it will ever be completed. David Tractenberg, David O. Russell, and Seth Gordon have all previously been lined up to direct it over the years, before all three bowed out for one reason or another. Shawn Levy was also tapped to direct at one point, before departing to work on Free Guy, the Ryan Reynolds blending of action and video games that’s due in 2020.

The film had originally been announced in 2008 buy producer Avi Arad. So fans would expect some progress after more than a decade, but sadly, it’s looking more like the film might be cursed. As part of this reshuffling of the director chair once again, the film has again been delayed. Uncharted the film adaptation was scheduled for a late 2020 debut, it will now miss that window and be moved further back into the timeline.

Sony pointed out that the project is still in the works. Star Tom Holland  is still on the docket to play the role of Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg is also on deck to play Sully, Drake’s partner in crime and adventure. Sony Pictures and Playstation Productions will still be working together to bring the film to life, with a goal to keep the spirit of the original games intact.

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