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UBOAT bringing submarine warfare to Steam Early Access

UBOAT Gameplay Trailer

If you’re into submarine warfare, and the simulation games based upon it, there’s a great new game coming this year that’s just up your alley. It’s a game called UBOAT and it’s the latest game from Deep Water Studio, the big draw is that it puts a pretty interesting twist on the genre of submarine warfare.

The game is being billed as a survival sandbox where instead of hunting down enemy shipping directly as the ship captain, like in games of the Silent Hunter franchise, you take on the role of a god of sorts. You take control of the crew indirectly, and have to see to all of their needs, rather than ordering them to fulfill tasks. This means fulfilling needs for hunger, rest and mental health. After all, you need an in-shape crew to win combat, so this perspective is something that was missing in other genre titles.

And since the big focus is on the crew rather than the combat, there’s a lot more personality there in UBOAT. In UBOAT each sailor will have his own face, his story, personality, skills and weaknesses. Sailors each have their own past times, and stories, and they’ll interact with each other in a more humanizing way. And when things get real combat happens, the resulting fallout can be much deeper than just physical wounds. Managing psychology looks to be a big thing in this game.

The goal here seems to be to make a much more realistic, and mundane, tale about life on the sea into a game. Only time will tell if the effort to craft such a game succeeds.

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Deep Water Studio and PlayWay are collaborating to bring the new simulator to PC in Q1 2019. Learn more about the game by either checking it out on Steam, or watching the trailer for the game down below.

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