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Tropico 6 has a new trailer for Gamescom

Tropico 6 Gamescom

We’re only a short wait away from Gamescom, and the developers behind Tropico 6 have a fun new trailer showcasing the games features.

And since it’s the primary gameplay element, this trailer focuses on the city-builder elements of the upcoming political-satire-them-up.

We get to see a new and improved infrastructure system that allows players to be highly flexible with their road and bridge constructions. Roads and bridges, for example, can be stretched and twisted dynamically. This means that players should have a much easier time connecting the disparate bits of their larger maps together.

Another new system in this continuation of the iconic franchise is that you can now heavily customize individual buildings, and this goes far beyond simple names and skins. El Presidente can now craft unique themes for all the buildings on the islands they control, all in their pursuit to create and maintain the ideal paradise of a banana republic.

And no Tropico game would be complete without plenty of over-the-top satire and insanity. Players will have to deal with an expanded roster of random events and missions that make life just that much harder. Tropico 6 will be much more challenging than previous games in a variety of ways.

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Check out the newest trailer down below. We’ll just have to wait until Gamescom next week for more info on the game. Tropico 6 will arrive in 2019.

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