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Tropico 6 delayed citing issues with polish and balance

Tropico 6 Gamescom

Kalypso has announced that they’re delaying Tropico 6, citing various issues and concerns after beta feedback.

The beta period for Tropico 6 offered a wealth of data and feedback to Kalypso Media, makers of dictator simulator, Tropico 6. co-founder and managing director of Kalypso Media, Simon Hellwig took to the company website to explain why this decision was being made, and how the developer plans to improve the game.

The beta feedback was mixed. While many players expected features to be missing or incomplete, some players felt a bit underwhelmed by the lack of variety in terms of mechanics and build choices. Some feedback also reflected a lack of new and interesting aspects, even going to so far as to call the game too similar to Tropico 5. Reading through Steam forums from the period reveals a lot of people miffed over the lackluster UI design and unbalanced economy. Even with all these issues, hardcore fans seem to have enjoyed the beta for the barebones experience it was, so that’s nice.

The team at Kalypso promise to address these balance and design issues to the best of their ability, and to deliver on a truly revolutionary Tropico experience.

But not content with just offering a more polished title at a later date, Hellwig also revealed that those who pre-ordered are getting some special gifts as recompense:

As a loyalty bonus and reward for your patience, all customers who have pre-ordered the game by 7pm (CET) January 10th, 2019 via our own Kalypso Shop, Steam and other digital platforms, will receive the first DLC, planned for Q2 2019, free of charge.

So while it’s nice to see the developer working hard and being genuinely apologetic to fans, it remains to be seen if this additional effort pays off with a more enjoyable game. The simulation title has already been delayed once, as it was originally set to arrive on PC sometime in 2018, but that target was obviously missed. Let’s just hope that this extra time in the oven makes for a much better game. El Presidente approves, for now.

You can now expect to grab Tropico 6 on March 29 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Source: Kalypso Media News via Kalypso Media Blog

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