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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes leaps onto Switch with launch trailer

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Switch Trailer

No More Heroes is one of those games that’s just so far out there in comparison to “typical” games and genres that it’s become increasingly hard to describe. The original game debuted as an action-heavy hack-and-slash for the Nintendo Wii in 2007 in Japan, before expanding across the world throughout 2008. No More Heroes took the weird but likeable Travis Touchdown and threw him, and the player, into an open world romp wherein the player is hunting ten assassins.

That setup sounds fairly mundane, but through a mix of clever mini-games, inventive characters and a whole mess of crude humor, the game turned into anything but. There’s tons of references to pop culture and other unique elements that clue the player in to the wonderfully strange experience the game offers. And while the game would develop a definite cult following, many consider it to be one of the best by legendary game designer Goichi Suda, AKA Suda51.

Jump to this month, with the launch of a completely new spinoff title called Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. This Switch exclusive brings Travis back to the forefront for even more wacky adventures. Grasshopper is looking to deliver hard on satisfying that nostalgia itch fans have, and while Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes isn’t a full sequel it’s still looking to be quite a lot of fun. And yes, you get to wield the iconic beam katana once again. So if you’re looking to jump back into a classically strange franchise, now is your perfect chance, assuming you own a Switch of course.

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The company is also planning to release a bunch of DLC for this game, bringing back fan-favorite characters Shinobu Jacobs and Bad Girl as playable characters, for example. Players can snag a Season Pass with this and more DLC on offer right now.

Check out the launch trailer for the Switch game down below.

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