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Trainer cards for Gym Leaders in Pokemon Sword And Shield leaked

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Pokémon Sword And Shield is almost here. And like many fans of the long-running franchise all over the globe, I’m eager to hear more news about the Galar region, lucky for us then. Because a slew of leaks have dropped these last few days which have revealed everything from the full roster to new game mechanics, and now we finally learned who the big bosses are in Galar. That’s due to the inclusion of a leak revealing all 8, or 10 across both versions, Gym leaders in both games. Previously only four of these were confirmed officially.

Yes, you read that right. For the first time in the main franchise, versions will have a different roster of Gym leaders. Pokémon Sword And Shield is going to have a total of 10 Gym leaders, with the differences being seen at the fourth and sixth Gym battles.

This is of course the first time most of the Gym Leaders have been revealed, giving players a peek at both their style and a little blurb about their associated story. Each of these trainers will, like all of the other mainline games in the franchise, be specialized in a particular type of Pokemon, so STAB and other mechanics commonly referenced by experienced players will be a major component of taking on these challengers and progressing through the story.

Be Warned, Spoilers Below

Being that this is a major Nintendo release, the trainer card leak was quickly struck with a DMCA notice, and taken down. You can still find the trainer cards at the following link, but it will likely be taken down again soon.

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Here’s the list of all the Gym Leaders in Sword and Shield, as well as the type they specialize and if they are a version exclusive.

  • Milo: Grass Gym Leader
  • Nessa: Water Gym Leader
  • Kabu: Fire Gym Leader
  • Bea: Fighting Gym Leader (Sword) /Allister: Ghost Gym Leader (Shield)
  • Opal: Fairy Gym Leader
  • Gordie: Rock Gym Leader (Sword)/Melony: Ice Gym Leader (Shield)
  • Piers: Dark Leader
  • Raihan: Dragon Leader

Each of these trainers also has their own unique personality and style of brawling, which basically means their in-battle AI might be more aggressive or tactical depending on the trainer. Kabu, the fire Gym Leader, brings a much more in-your-face style of fighting to battles. Melony, the ice Gym Leader in Shield is much more demure and composed. She’s trying to train a successor, as her own sun is already the leader of Sword’s Rock Gym, Gordie. Of course the developers want to through some curveballs, so they’re including extra challenges in some Gym battles. The prime example of this lies with Piers.

Piers is the Gym Leader in Spikemuth, an outer town in the region which lacks a Power Spot. A Power Spot is what allows Pokémon to Dynamax, which means trainers can’t use Dynamax in Piers’ town.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will release on November 15th exclusively for the Switch.

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