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Total War: Three Kingdoms reveals subterfuge mechanics in new gameplay footage

Total War: Three Kingdoms Subterfuge Gameplay

The focus of this new preview is all about geopolitics, diplomacy and subterfuge, and it’s quite fun to behold. In the case of this gameplay footage, Cao Cao fights to tackle the growing power of Dong Zhou.

The usage of spies to infiltrate your enemies and gather intelligence, and then act on that information to gain an advantage, is key to victory in this latest game in the franchise. Spycraft can not only gain insight on enemy units, but also unveil the plans and ambitions of your enemies. You must be watchful though, as the AI  has all of these options as well.

Be careful though, as your spies who become less content with their current lot in life may defect or break away entirely. It could even become possible for these disgruntled agents to form their own factions. However, shrewd players will no doubt find ways to abuse this mechanics to eliminate weak agents while also playing them against other AI opponents, such is the art of strategy in Total War games.

We also get some peeks at the new tech tree, called Reforms, which allows players to mold the path of their faction through the ages. As it applies to subterfuge, players can enact reforms to make their spies and agents more effective, numerous, or even harder to detect and remove from vulnerable positions. As players make moves throughout the land in Total War: Three Kingdoms, more options will open up, and only your imagination can slow you down.

With all this in mind, sharpen your mind and your blades, and prepare for total war to come to ancient China when Total War: Three Kingdoms releases on March 7, 2019.

Check out the new gameplay segment for the game down below.

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