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Total War: Rome 2 Empire Divided trailer released


Four years after its 2013 release, Total War: Rome 2 is getting a new expansion dealing with the Crisis of the Third Century. Empire Divided reflects the crisis in its name. A period of strife is in store for Rome as it’s assailed by internal and external threats. The new DLC is out on 30 November, priced $17.

A trailer covering the expansion’s three main contenders for ruler of the Roman empire was put out earlier today. Aurelian is hoping to oust the pretenders currently occupying Rome’s capital, while also dealing with his main challengers to the east (Queen Zenobia of Palmyra) and the west (Gallic Rome, led by Tetricus). Beyond them, other threats like the Gothi and Sassanids await any slip-ups.

In Total War: Rome 2 Empire Divided, five of the ten playable factions will be dubbed ‘heroic’ and their mission structures will be more narrative-driven. The DLC is also introducing new campaign management features like cults, and plagues, to make your task that bit harder.

It will be released in conjunction with a ‘Power and Politics’ patch that will be free to everybody That addition will add a new set of mechanics to the political sphere of Rome II.

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Finally, if you own Total War: Rome 2 you can head to the Total War Access site to claim one of three free DLCs. Either Wrath of Sparta, Nomadic Tribes, or Black Sea Colonies can be yours.

Here’s the trailer:

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