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Torchlight Frontiers changed to Torchlight III, not free-to-play

Torchlight III

In a blog post published this morning, Arc Games revealed that the decision was made to change the development path that Torchlight Frontiers is taking. With the ongoing development of the action RPG and dungeon crawler, there’s a major shift coming. Torchlight Frontiers was once considered for going towards a free-to-play style of gameplay with MMO elements, but that has now changed.

As of now, and based on player feedback from the ongoing internal tests, the direction for the project has changed. The alpha playtesters made it clear that the feel of the game as it stood wasn’t all that fun. The developers over at Arc have since decided to make the change as a part of a full revamp of the game itself. Following discussions with their internal team and the publisher, they have decided to turn the game into Torchlight III.

To announce the change, the developers have also released some more information about Torchlight III. The new game will be making a pretty big shift, especially considering the the turn of the games industry towards heavy monetization practices and the like. There are now plans to completely alter the story and gameplay as well to fit with the new style, meaning players should be getting more value for their money. Something that is sadly a rather disappointingly lax trend in modern games.

Check out the latest trailers for Torchlight III down below. The game is due to launch into a closed alpha test after the change over this week, on January 29th.

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