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This Week in EVE #72


“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events and shows what is going on in EVE Online. The focus of this overview is on official news from CCP: For example, dev blogs and important forum posts by CCP developers, the ever evolving background story and upcoming events. The previous weekly overview can be found here.

The current “This week in EVE” gives on overview of the week from March 7th to 13th

Dev blogs and official news

Fanfest 2015 – The Festival To Eclipse All OthersFeedback

Fanfest is the annual gathering in Iceland for players and developers to celebrate EVE Online and the EVE community. Fanfest means roundtable discussions, presentations, crazy events, parties and lots of fun. Fanfest 2015 takes place from March 19 to 21 and consists of numerous small and big things, check out CCP Legion’s blog for a full overview! The Fanfest schedule can be found here. EVE TV is going to broadcast from Fanfest as well.

Worlds Collide – Introducing the TeamsFeedback

Worlds Collide is the tournament at Fanfest between the best of the best from Tranquility and Serenity. Camel Empire is going to fight for Tranquility, City of Angels is fighting for Serenity. CCP Gargant presents both teams and gives us background information about their team members. The ship setups for the teams can be found here.

Fanfest 2015 – Devs vs Players Football Match!Feedback

It started as an idea, but now it is real: a football match player vs devs right before Fanfest! Read more about this crazy event in CCP Puck’s and CCP Mimic’s joint blog!

Hashtag Swag – The Fanfest 2015 StoreFeedback

Fanfest is more than just a pile of presentations; it also means a lot of fun, extra events and … swag! Discover the Fanfest Store and what it has to offer – it is plenty. If you are not visiting Fanfest yourself, maybe you know a friend who does and can deliver some items for you?

Worlds Collide – Submitted Team Setups

Both teams in the Worlds Collide tournament at Fanfest 2015 have to submit 7 setups of ships. The opposing team then can ban two setups, and the remaining five setups can then be used in the tournament. As soon as a team wins a match, the setup they have used to score that win cannot be reused by them again in the tournament. CCP Gargant has published the ship setups of the teams; the module setup (which is also fixed for each ship) remains hidden and won’t be published. Check out ship setups and discuss them here!

Tukoss Disavowed by Zainou Biotech

The prominent Caldari neuropsychological scientist Hilen Tukoss, who has defected to the Minmatar Republic and started the immense Arek’Jaalan Project years ago, has now been disavowed by Zainou Biotech. The recent mysterious resurfacing of Tukoss on the Intergalactic Summit was the final straw both Zainou Biotech and its parent corporation Ishukone to revoke his corporate citizenship.

Rare Revenant-Class Supercarrier Downed in Impass

An extremely rare Revenant-class supercarrier has been destroyed in Impass by Pandemic Legion after careful and secret preparations over a couple of months. Read more about those preparations and how they lead to the destruction of the Revenant piloted by Ingeneer in this article by ISD Lunaire Elois.

Video: Celebrity Shootout – Elise Randolph vs Progodlegend

The popular “Celebrity Shootout” section of the previous o7 Show is now available as standalone video. Watch those two legends dunking it out in space – but before they can shoot each other in the face, they have to fit a ship from scratch in two minutes. Don’t miss this fun!

Video: The Scope – Southern Conflict

The Scope news agency reports about the conflict between Capsuleers in the lawless nullsec regions in the southern parts of New Eden. Check out also the daily updated, player made Alliance Influence Map by Verite Rendition.

Video: CSM – Behind The Scenes

In this video we get first hand insight from members of the Council of Stellar Management about the value and potential of this council. Listen to various CSM members and learn more about their valuable work in the CSM and what the CSM is actually doing to help CCP making EVE Online a better game.

Art and Graphics

New UI icons to be further refined

As CCP Surge announces, the excellent and constructive feedback from the community made it clear that the proposed new UI icons need to be further refined before they can be deployed on Tranquility. As such, they won’t be deployed with Scylla on March 24th.

Fanfest 2015

Overview blog

Fanfest schedule

EVE TV schedule

Guidebook app with redeeming code: evefanfest2015

Fanfest Store

Silent Auction


Football match player vs devs

Map of Reykjavik by CCP Explorer

Fanfest store items available elsewhere?

While we would like to have the items at the Fanfest Store also available, we first want to see how popular they are. We also have to work with our partners to make these available to everyone. No definite date is available when those items will be available, but keep your eyes open for announcements.

No alliance panel at Fanfest

Due to lack of responses from people who would like to be part of the Alliance Panel at Fanfest, we had to cancel this event.

Gyms available in Iceland

If you stay a bit longer in Iceland and want to do some training at a gym, then don’t worry! There are quite a couple gyms and places to do sports available in Reykjavik as CCP Goliath and others explain.

Download on Demand

DoD caching and RAM usage

Will the Download on Demand cache reduce the memory usage of the client? No, it can only reduce the amount of disc space you use.

Amount of files to download

If you don’t want to use the existing resource files to create the new DoD cache, then you would have to request around 60.000 files.

Game design

Entosis Link Tactics and Ship Balance

Following the suggestions for a new sovereignty system, CCP Fozzie gives us background information on the Entosis Link and ship balance. As much as possible, the Entosis Link capture progress should reflect which group has effective military control of the grid. The optimal strategy for fighting over a location with the Entosis Link should be to gain effective control of the grid. To successfully capture something with the Entosis Link, you need to keep lock on the target for the whole time. You also cannot lock while the Entosis Link is active. Entosis will not prevent bastion and triage mode.

Technical issues

Game crashes? Please submit a bug report

If you experience (reproducible) client crashes, then please submit a bug report via the in-game bug reporting tool. You find that tool in the F12 help menu. Thank you!

Third party development

CREST Market Downloader – Python GUI

CSM member Steve Ronuken has created a Python GUI for his CREST market downloader. CCP FoxFour is impressed – rightfully so! Thank you once more, Steve! The market downloader is available on GitHub.

Request limit for Auth CREST?

Is there a request limit for authenticated CREST? Yes, but it is set to some ridiculous high number like 100.000 requests / second. CCP FoxFour is going to look a bit further into this.


Candy for devs?

Yes! It looks like the devs like candy. CSM member Mike Azariah has also the excellent advice to buy alcohol in the duty free store at the Airport – since alcohol is highly taxed in Iceland, you can save quite some money.

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