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Crafting in The Survivalists is pretty simple. There are a bunch of recipes you can use to make a variety of items. Whether it’s armor and weapons, or you’re building up your new base, you need to know how this stuff works.

The system works by a defined progression path. Crafting one recipe leads directly into unlocking another recipe for a different item. Players looking to unlock everything there is to craft have a set progression to follow, starting with the items you need to craft. After the in-game tutorial prompts you to make a basic axe, you will move into the next tier of crafting, cooking. Here’s how the tiers break down:

  • Campfire – Cooking
  • Crafting Bench – Basic items
  • Forge – Advanced items

You will need all three of these as infrastructure for any base you make. And then this is where things get complicated. Because you have an army of loyal monkies you can teach them recipes to help you craft. It’s great for churning out animal traps or arrows, which you can always use more of. Open “Monkey Mimic Mode” by holding “Q” and select “Teach.” This will allow you to have a monkey make a recipe until it runs out of resources. You can also use the multicrafting feature we talked about in our beginner’s guide to limit the number of repetitions.

Basic Crafting Recipes

The basics of crafting in this game are the things you can make on your own. You won’t need any crafting benches or Blueprints for these items, as they’re just the basic stuff you need to get started.

The basic character crafting is done by pressing the “C” key on the PC.

Item Required Materials
Hand Axe (main; starting recipe) 2x pebbles
Flimsy Multitool 2x timber; 1x rope
Wooden Club 2x timber; 1x palm leaf; 1x rope
Rope 2x long grass
Stone Chunk 4x pebbles
Makeshift Bowl 2x palm leaf
Tool Handle 2x timber; 1x pebbles
Torch 1x tool handle; 2x charcoal; 1x rope
Comfy Padding 2x palm leaf; 1x straw bundle; 1x rope
Makeshift Bedsheet 3x palm leaf
Straw Bundle 3x long grass
Wooden Rod 2x timber; 1x palm leaf; 1x rope

Next up, let’s talk about building your own base with Blueprint mode.


Blueprint constructions are the basics of how you build a base in The Survivalists. All the basic component for making buildings are here. You will absolutely want to make a flimsy bed and Campfire first though, as these are essential for cooking and sleeping. You can expand from there and organize your base with defensive structures around your various crafting buildings.

Press the “R” key to open up Blueprint Mode, showing all the possible objects you can craft and then place. If you need to delete an object via Blueprint Mode, press Z on PC, or the on-screen prompt for the controller.

Item Required Materials
Campfire (main; starting recipe) 6x pebbles
Flimsy Bed 1x comfy padding
Straw Wall 2x straw bundle
Wooden Wall 2x wooden wall; 1x rope
Door 3x wooden slat; 2x metal hinge; 1x metal ingot
Window 2x wooden slat; 2x glass sheet; 1x mud
Stone Wall 2x stone slab; 3x mud
Lightweight Bed 1x comfy padding; 2x wooden slat; 2x metal nails
Table 2x wooden rod; 2x timber; 1x rope
Small Chest 4x timber; 2x rope
Medium Chest 2x wooden slat; 2x timber; 2 metal hinge
Pebble Floor Tile 3x pebbles; 2x mud
Multipurpose Pole 2x wooden rod; 2x mud
Crafting Bench 2x stone chunk; 3x timber; 2x rope
Forge 6x stone chunk; 3x mud
Cooking Pot 1x bucket; 6x pebbles
Raft 6x wooden rod; 3x rope
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How to craft multiple of one item in the Survivalists

Crafting Bench Recipes

The Crafting Bench in The Survivalists is manufactured via Blueprint Mode. From there you can unlock a bunch of different more advanced items. There are traps for catching food, more useful weapons and tools, and so much more. You can use these recipes for all manner of tasks. You can simply consider this as an expanded baseline to work from when both gathering resources and building your base.

A lot of this stuff is where you really need to take advantage of your monkeys and their automated crafting abilities. You will also need plenty of metals, rope and other advanced gathering or crafting items, so this is basically the final step in your crafting journey.

Item Required Materials
Wooden Slat 2x timber; 1x rope
Animal Trap 2x wooden slat; 2x rope; 1x berries
Training Dummy 3x comfy padding; 2x straw bundle; 2x wooden rod
Bone Club 3x bone; 1x palm leaf; 1x rope
Flimsy Axe 1x tool handle; 1x hand axe; 1x rope
Flimsy Pickaxe 1x tool handle; 2x stone chunk; 1x rope
Flimsy Shovel 1x tool handle; 1x stone chunk; 2x rope
Decorative Wall Hanging 2x rope; 2x palm leaf; 1x charcoal
Boar Trophy 1x wooden slat; 1x metal nails; 1x boar tusks
Big-Cat Trophy 1x wooden slat; 1x metal nails; 1x big-cat claws
Stag Trophy 1x wooden slat; 1x metal nails; 1x stag antlers
Makeshift Rug 3x fur clump; 1x rope
Luxury Bed Sheet 2x comfy padding; 2x rope; 1x makeshift rug
Makeshift Sail 3x fur clump; 3x palm leaf; 3x rope
Bow 1x wooden rod; 2x rope; 2x mud
Flimsy Arrows 2x wooden rod; 3x pebbles; 3x petals
Lightweight Arrows 2x wooden rod; 3x metal ingot; 3x petals
Sturdy Arrows 2x wooden rod; 3x gem stone; 3x petals
Spear 1x wooden rod; 2x metal ingot; 2x rope
Gold Spear 1x wooden rod; 2x gold ingot; 2x rope

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