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The Scope: Shattered Planets

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Another video from “The Scope” program from GNN (CCP’s in-game, in-character news service), reveals theories on the current back story. This time the report is on shattered wormholes, Sisters of EVE, and the numerous wormhole theories out there.

Notice the news crawl at the bottom delivers additional news around New Eden, including the Gallente Presidential election results.

CCP highlights player contributions (in-character) by putting the spotlight on players that discover the threads of storyline laid out by CCP. Some of the “scholars” investigating the back-story (pictured at the end of the video) are the same players that appear on the Hydrostatic Podcast Lore Panels:  Ashterothi, Mark726, Morwen Lagann, Tarek Raimo, Anslo, Uriel Paradisi Antevnuecci, Lockefox, Phyridean, and Rhavas.

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