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The Scope: Drifter forces assault Amarr Navy Headquarters in Safizon

EVE Online Drifters

  • Against All Authorities continue to defend space in Catch after a series of attacks.
  • Amarr Navy remains on high alert in Domain after repeated Drifter attacks.
  • 24th Imperial Crusade pushes Tribal Liberation force out of Lamaa amidst heavy fighting.
  • Lai Dai Protection Service responds to blast at Airkid low gravity research facility.
  • Chief Executive Panel open inquest into attack on Lai Dai convoy in Jarzalad.
  • Imperial flagship’s dedication and official commissioning date announced as August 21st.
  • 664 workers rescued from astral mining facility in low orbit of Arraron VII after hydrogen explosion cripples gas siphoning platform.
  • Ishukone releases financial statements to shareholders revealing record first half profits.
  • Independent Gaming Commission prepares to hold qualifier weekend of Alliance Tournament XIII.
  • First Annual Feawen…



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